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Why I love Online RSS reader – And why I recently switched…

I just love online RSS readers, period!

When I, years ago, was first introduced to RSS by a former colleague - Nisse Bryngfors – I swept the web for a good tool to assist me with my new task – reading blogs. I tried different Windows apps like RSS Owl, SharpReader, built in browser readers and Omea Reader from JetBrains.

The app that I used the longest time was the free version of Omea Reader cause it had superb support for keeping track of comment feeds and nested them below each post. But as my blog roll grew so did the amount of memory consumed by Omea reader and I realized that I constantly turned it off whenever I did something that demand more RAM (i.e. just about anything I do…). Shortly after I had to format my drives and lost my entire blog roll…

Why I went online

That’s when I began my quest for online RSS readers, and I tried many… Finally I decided to settle with Bloglines since they had a minimalistic WAP-like mobile version that worked just great over GPRS in my lousy old Sony Ericsson T200 and they had a nice little desktop notifier that sat in the system tray and hinted me of updates.


Why I’m currently unpleased with Bloglines

Some weeks ago Bloglines had regular disruptions in their service with medieval response times and most of my subscriptions appearing to never update at all.

By “accident” I actually visited one of the blogs I follow and noticed that there had been over 8 updates for the last week that Bloglines never notified me about!? That’s when it struck me. Bloglines had been struck by a bad case of popularity and probably didn’t manage to keep track of all their users subscriptions any longer…

Time for a new net sweep

Ok, time to consult good old Google again and start with the obvious “Free Online RSS Readers” after plenty “ultra fast” reviews, to slow, to complex, to ugly (Google Reader) no mobile GUI etc and managed to finally stumble upon an nice little web app called News Alloy. Nice effective and advanced enough, it had what I was looking for, a simple fast online RSS reader with a nice mobile UI. So I’m currently evaluation NewsAlloy and so far it has succeeded where Bloglines failed; It instantly updates the feeds I’m following…

// ; ) Kalle