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Back on line after 18 months away : )

Yes I'm back but haven't got my bodyText/TinyMCE3 to work just yet, this text was written using Windows Live Writer…


OK, Now I'm using Word 2007 instead, never mind TinyMCE ; )

I've had some busy months (or is it years?) lately. Since I changed job to become IT-Manager I've been force to learn a lot from Infrastructure to setting up an IT budget. Since I've never done this before I've spend way too much time reading and studying what I didn't have a clue about. Even though Hertel Group is a small Company Group (if you count heads, there's 55 of them) we must manage all the same issues that larger IT-organizations face every day, only in a smaller scale…
Hertel Group consist of companies that sell Alloy Wheels from well-known and own brands (OZ, Enkei, Breyton, Carlsson and TSW to mention some) currently we have representation in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Latvia.

I've been more-or-less offline for the last 18 months, at least when you talk about community interaction, Tweets, blog post etc… But a few weeks ago most of the changes I've been force to work through was finally completed. So from now on I'll work more in Visual Studio and much less with installing printers, setting of servers and migration workstations to a new domain - joy!

OK, infrastructure isn't all that bad, but I must say that I really miss those days with headphones listening to some nice Trance Techno (Spotify Link) and just float away stepping through my buggy code ; )

I intend to at least write some blog posts before Christmas, but I can't promise that I will revise this but-ugly blog layout just yet ; )

Anyway, it's nice to be back

// Kalle